Thursday, 4 December 2014

High School Incompetent Teachers

Before now I have mentioned about my daughters condition. Last year the head of the P.E department made her walk around the astroturf for the entire P.E lesson because Erin didn't bring her gym kit.... why? because she had a medical note saying she couldnt.
At that present time my daughter was under going tests to determine what was wrong with her so the Dr had written a note saying no P.E until further notice except swimming, but the head of dept ignored this. Of course I was livid and even though it was sorted out the head of department,  did not actually give my daughter an apology of any kind. He did however bend over backwards to try and rectify what he had done and tried to put my daughter down for extra swimming where there were slots available.
So everything was in place. My daughter got her many diagnosis's and everything was going smoothly.
Start of year 2 in this high school everything was still going well, but she couldnt do double swimming because there was a primary school class using those slots. Fair enough. The next session was basketball and my daughter wanted to attempt it, but she knew if she got sore she could just sit it out.
Basketball session was up and the next one was Rugby. The teacher who was taking her  asked Erin is she could do it and she said she can't do Rugby with it being a contact sport. We thought this to be fair enough. But no. Mrs High and Mighty decided to make my daughter walk around the rugby pitch. Really? Was she not there last year? Or had she not been informed what had happened or about Erins condition? Of course she had but she doesn't actually care.
It is a shame when you get teachers like this who ruin it and put a bad name to the school for their incompetence.
I do have to say that I am annoyed at my daughter too. She walked around the rugby pitch. She could have said no or walked away, but my daughter is a good girl who strives to do her best and not get into trouble so teachers like this take advantage.
Am I angry? Too right I am. I phoned the high school and they refused to let me speak to this teacher. I also refused to get off the phone until I spoke to someone. I got one of the guidance teachers though, who was helpful and said she is angry on my behalf too because this is an ongoing thing. My daughters condition is a lifelong condition. I do not need someone who thinks that because they are a teacher then they are above it all. The holier than thou attitude does not fly with me.
I have demanded something be done about this teacher because I am fed up. I have had enough. As a parent you want to protect your child whilst encouraging them to grow.
My daughter has a lot of time off school due to all her medical problems and due to the fact she is in constant pain, but still she thrives in school. She is one of the top in her whole year because my daughter purposely ensures that she is on top of all her work and ensures she has all the work she has missed and she tries to get any homework done, even those she missed, handed back in on its due date.
This teacher should be ashamed of herself and the school should be ashamed for employing someone like this.
Someone is planning on calling me tomorrow. In the meantime I decided to write this blog to share with people, because last time I said I was going to the education dept but then it was resolved, but for it to happen twice...... yeah enough is enough.


  1. No words at all to this. They should know that Erin has a medical condition it is not something that goes away within a time frame. She has notes, she misses school because of this. I think they don't care, they are probably believing that everyone should play or engage when told to. I can see where Erin doesn't want to make matters worse and be defiant. She is a good kid from what I hear from you, so I am sure she will try to do what she can just to please others even if she is in pain. This is becoming a problem and I am sure they are not going to want you and your husband up there. Can you request another meeting with ALL her teachers not just P.E. but every single one of her teachers. Bring them some information on her condition. And make it known that you will not tolerate that your child be forced to participate in something that she physically can not do. And if you are going to not be listened to then you will hire a lawyer and you will see what can be done from there.

    1. I have had a meeting before with the head teacher and guidance teacher. When Erin was first diagnosed I brought in lots of information when I had a one on one meeting with one of her guidance teachers. There has been so much in place. She has passes to leave classes 5 minutes early so she has enough time to get to her next class. Sometimes I feel as though I am hitting my head off a brick wall. This is why I wrote this blog and I even tweeted it to the High School themselves.
      I will see what tomorrow brings and keep you posted.