Friday, 5 December 2014

Update on yesterdays blog

So today my daughter had the day off school to go to hydrotherapy. It took 4 buses to get there. 4! un-bloody-believable.
Anyway on my way I got a phone call from the head teacher at the school who was concerned about his teachers 'feelings.' o_O He asked if I would take my blog post down or he would take legal action. Quite hilarious considering it would be laughed out of court. Some people need to realise that there is a difference between 'Defamation of character' and 'Definition of character' as my lovely friend Andrew Kuligowski says ;) He goes on to add 'it's really embarrassing when libel and slander suits are dismissed when the defendant proves that they're TRUE!'
Nothing I said on yesterday was false. Everything I put was factual.
The school do know about my daughters conditions. We have also had this problem before hand when I assumed we had come to an understanding. You know what they say about assumption and all that.
The head teacher thinks that because my child attempts to go out and walk in the playground then there is nothing wrong with her walking around the rugby pitch o_O <----- yeah there were lots of these. Considering my daughter has only recently made friends then this is a huge step for her. This does not mean she is in any pain. She is also not being ordered to go walk either.
I have a meeting with this head teacher on Tuesday morning, but the same will happen as last time. He will side with the teachers and they will say it won't happen again because everything is in place. Yup I have heard this before o_O
I think they expect parents to sit on their arses and do nothing. I am sorry but I am a very loving and protective parent. The first time round I went through the right channels and it quickly got moved along because I threatened to go to the Education department. This time I did contact the school, so they were well aware of what had gone on. I just decided that this time I would share it a bit more vocally. Don't worry, if this does happen again it won't just be a blog I will be making ;)
As a parent who also is qualified in law I am telling all you parents now, if you are upset and are not happy with how things are being dealt with there are channels you can go down to get these things resolved. Don't ever feel belittled.
I am educated and I am one with my words.... obviously lol. I am also fiercely protective of things, especially things that I love. Most people know the back story of how my Erin the Fire Goddess series came about. I don't purposely go out of my way to campaign against no bullying for the good of my health. I will also not allow my children to feel as though them going to school causes them more pain. Teachers have a duty of care to their students. To put a students health in jeopardy means that the teacher is failing in their duties which means they are incompetent. I don't giving a flying hoop if one is pregnant and one has wont awards. But I want to go back to that issue. When I mentioned the head of the department I did not say anything bad about the guy. I said he did not apologise to my daughter. We all know if the shoe was on the other foot things would be different ;) I did however state that he has been nothing but helpful and bending over backwards to try and help my daughter. Where in that entire bit did I bad mouth him? The female teacher? well if the shoe fits. I am not the only other person who has been saying these things, I am just a little bit more vocal. My daughter often says that she found this particular teacher moody and just kept telling herself that it is pregnancy hormones. Could well be, but teachers need to remember where they are and leave their personal issues at home and not take them out on the students.
The head teacher asked what have I achieved by doing yesterdays blog? o_O I brought it to their attention pretty quick. It became a talking point. I had messages from other parents showing their support. I also tweeted the blog directly to the school because I am the type of person who will say what ever I have to say to the person directly.
I have had minor issues with other teachers that got resolved very quickly and these were an oversight on their behalf and I respect that.
With my daughters primary schools I have always maintained an excellent relationship with them, apart the from bullying issue that was eventually resolved beautifully. Communication has always been excellent.
I will be doing another blog about this issue after my meeting with the head teacher. In the meantime stay smiling people :)

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