Tuesday, 22 December 2015


I am close to getting 100k followers on my Facebook author page. You have no idea how excited I am about this.
I decided to do a giveaway. It is my way of saying thank you to everyone who follows me, comes to my page, shares, likes and comments on my posts. You are all amazing.
At first I thought I would give prizes from myself - Parcel, 3 mystery envelopes and 2 e-books. Then I thought... Oooo wouldn't it be great if my friends could get involved, which would result in more winners. 
This giveaway will run from the 23rd December 2015 and end 31st January 2016.

Here are the list of prizes that are up for grabs:

1.       Parcel from Lavinia Urban
2.       Kindle e-book of Frozen in Time by Lavinia Urban
3.       Kindle e-book of British Words To Have Fun With by Lavinia Urban
4.       Gift envelope from Lavinia Urban
5.       Gift envelope from Lavinia Urban
6.       Gift envelope from Lavinia Urban
7.       E-copy of The Only One by J.F. Holland
8.       Multi Author Swag Pack donated by Doris Orman
9.       A signed anniversary edition of #Nerd by Cambria Hebert
10.   $5 Starbucks card
11.   ebook of It Was Meant to Be by K.M. Lowe
12.   Swag by K.M. Lowe
13.   Winners choice audiobook by Alexia Purdy
14.   E-book copy of Realm of the Immortals, Truth is book one by Tina Nelson & Deb Gulli
15.   e-book (readers choice) from Katie Salidas backlist
16.   e-book (readers choice) from Katie Salidas backlist
17.   e-book (readers choice) from Katie Salidas backlist
18.   e-book (readers choice) from Katie Salidas backlist
19.   E-books 1 - 3 in The Darcy Walker series by A.J. Lape
20.   Audiobook by A.J Lape. (Winners choice of either Grade A Stupid or No Brainer)
21.   Audiobook by A.J Lape. (Winners choice of either Grade A Stupid or No Brainer)
22.   Sub Rosa Trilogy boxed set (ebook) by Sarah Michelle Lynch
23.   e-book of In My Dreams by Cameo Renae
24.   e-book of Hidden Wings by Cameo Renae
25.   e-book of ARV-3 by Cameo Renae
26.   An e-book of Guardian by Gillian Joy
27.   Swag by Gillian Joy
28.   Ebooks 1-3 in the Cursed Trilogy by Georgina Hannan
29.   E-book of Another Life by Georgina Hannan
30.   E-book of Serial Dater by Georgina Hannan
31.   a signed copy of  Paris Hemsworth's Road to Wonderland by Francesca Marlow
32.   E-book copy of Play Safe by Amber Garza
33.   E-book copy of For the Win by Amber Garza
34.   E-book copy of Transcending Darkness by Airicka Phoenix
35.   Audiobook of Accepting the Moon by K.S. Haigwood
36.   Audiobook of Eternal Island by K.S. Haigwood
37.   Audiobook of Save My Soul by K.S. Haigwood
38.   E-book copy of Soulkiss by R.J. Thompson
39.   Soulkiss swag by R.J. Thompson
40.   Jewellery donated by Pebbles by Jenn
41.   E-book copies 1 & 2 of  The Mercy Carver series by Jana Petken
42.   E-book copy of The Guardian of Secrets by Jana Petken
43.   E-book copy of The Errant Flock by Jana Petken

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Wings of Vengeance (Hidden Wings Series, Book Five) by Cameo Renae, Cover Reveal

Title: Wings of Vengeance (Hidden Wings Series, Book Five)
Author: Cameo Renae
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Publisher: CHBB
Expected Release Date: January 8, 2016
Cover Design: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design Photography
Edited by: Victoria Schmitz - Crimson Tide Editorial
Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR

Blurb: No one knows of Lucian’s long-held secret—a recently transformed Nephilim daughter. Unfortunately for the Gray house, Lilith believes Emma is the one responsible for killing her father, and her deep-rooted hatred has turned into an envious obsession.
Powerful, with wings as dark as night, revenge consumes Lilith’s every thought, only to be fueled by Lucifer’s lies. Her newly transformed gifts have raised the danger level. Her aim is to strip Emma from everyone she loves, and has Lucifer’s Fallen warriors to aid in her task.
Receiving help from Midway, Emma reconnects with friends of old and new, and hopes it will be enough to keep them all alive.
My family is what keeps my heart beating, and my world a happy place to be. I was born in San Francisco, raised in Maui, Hawaii, and recently moved with my husband and children to Alaska. I'm a daydreamer, a caffeine and peppermint addict. I love to laugh, love to read, and love to escape reality. One of my greatest joys is creating fantasy worlds filled with adventure and romance, and sharing it with others. One day I hope to find my own magic wardrobe, and ride away on a magical unicorn. Until then...I'll keep writing! Favorite quote: "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination." Albert Einstein HAPPY READING! Follow me on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CameoRenaeFanPage Blog: http://cameorenae.blogspot.com/ Website: http://cameorenae.com 
Twitter: @CameoRenae 

Friday, 30 October 2015

Erin the Fire Goddess: Destruction


31st October 2015 brings the new release of the last book in the Erin the Fire Goddess series.


There is a war coming. 
Decisions have to be made. 
Lives will be lost. 
The end is nigh. 
Whilst Erin is taking her exams, the rest of Galladale is preparing for the army that is coming. 
A crucial discovery is the key to saving lives, but can it withstand the pending destruction? 
What does General Malcolm Roberts want? Will he be able to rescue Sophie before it’s too late? 
What will happen in this final instalment? 

If you haven't started reading this series yet, you can pick up the first book free on any e-book platform.

Reading order:

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Man Flu

Okay maybe I am not the worst patient ever, but I do give it my best shot.

People always say that women handle sickness better than men. I have not found this to be true.
My husband is a frigging trooper when it comes to being ill. He carries on and goes to work. Me? Well I act as though I am dying. I want to cry all the time. I am one of those people you just want to slap.

I have the flu. Or rather I have Man Flu. It is no joking matter. I am a woman with man flu and I feel as though I am dying. The plight is real.

Today I have had half a cup of blackcurrant Lemsip. I would have had more but seriously.... this stuff is vile. Why can't they make them so they tasted delicious so we would take these meds and get better quicker? It's a ploy people for us to buy more because they know (they really do) that we dont finish the cups and don't get the full benefits. The lemon one of these is even worse than the blackcurrant - and that is saying something. If any of you say that you enjoy the flavours then you are weird!
There are lots of flu remedies out there and I have none. I am that one person who seems to have most medical tablets etc. on the cupboard except flu remedies. What the hell is the world coming to? I really need to put on my big girl panties and go and buy some but that takes us back to the beginning... I am a really bad patient. Anyway there are these little bottles of magic. I have never tried them but gave them to my husband for a joke one year. Yeah maybe I should have stocked up for myself. I should also buy some of those man up pills too.

This morning I managed to escape from the house and go shopping. If my husband wasn't home I would not have moved anywhere but we needed food. But what did I do when I get home? I went to bed. I crawled right up in there and fell asleep. Even my cat knew that I was ill and gave me lots of sympathy.

My eldest daughter laughs at me... of course she does, I caught it off her. Bloody lergy giver.
My youngest daughter is full of sympathy and wants to hug and kiss me better - Yup she is getting it next. Well maybe. She gets the flu shot. Plus she won't act like a baby with it. My husband is being the woman and telling me to man up, whilst I sit there and weep and thrash my arms and legs as I throw my dummy (pacifier) across the room as I tell him I am dying.
I do want to add that I am not just like this with the flu. I am like this with everything. I have a phobia of being sick. You will rarely catch me vomiting in a toilet (people put their arses and bits on that - plus it stinks) When I vomit it tends to be in the bathtub. Yes gross right? My husband is awesome though because he cleans up after me. I tend to have a type of panic attack when vomiting. 
I have OCD and I was my hands about 20 times plus a day. Okay maybe about 50, but you get the picture. So how do I catch bugs? Children. they are germ carriers. Don't they know that I have a rubbish immune system? Ugh.
So why did I write this blog? Because I am a huge cry baby who is feeling sorry for herself. I want sympathy. I want someone to magic this away.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

#Poser by Cambria Hebert book blitz

Book & Author Details:

Cambria Hebert 
(Hashtag #5) 
This is not a standalone
Publication date: August 18th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


Posers gonna pose
I am a man who had nothing, but found everything.
I’ll never go back to nothing ever again.
I vowed to protect her, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.
The pictures I stumbled upon haunt me still, the secret I shoulder is heavy.
They say secrets put distance between two people, but the truth is far more destructive than keeping it will ever be.
I won’t ever tell. She can’t ever know.
When I look in the mirror my reflection is of who I’m afraid I’ll become and not the man I am.
It makes me feel like a poser, no better than all the others pretending to be exactly who they aren’t.
How does a man keep it together when everything is unraveling right here in his hands?
I didn’t start any of this.
I never asked for it.
But it came knocking at my door.
When secrets and threats knock, I don’t hide.
I open the door.
Because the best way to take down a poser is to be one.


Cambria Hebert is a bestselling novelist of more than twenty books. She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. She currently resides in North Carolina with her children (human and furry) and her husband, who is a United States Marine.

Beside’s writing Cambria loves a caramel latte, staying up late, sleeping in and watching movies. She considers math human torture and has an irrational fear of chickens (yes, chickens). You can often find her running on the treadmill (she’d rather be eating a donut), painting her toenails (because she bites her fingernails), or walking her chorkie (because her dog runs her house).

Cambria has written within the young adult and new adult genres, penning many paranormal and contemporary titles. Her favorite genre to read and write is romantic suspense. A few of her most recognized titles are: Text, Torch, Tryst, Masquerade and Recalled.

You can find out more about Cambria and her titles by visiting her website: http://www.cambriahebert.com

Cambria Hebert owns and operates Cambria Hebert Books, LLC
You can contact her at: cambriahebert@rocketmail.com
Follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cambriahebert


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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Love an author, leave a review.

I recently shared a picture on my author page and after a few comments and messages I decided that maybe I should write a blog.
So firstly let me show you the picture:

Some people have said that they wished all authors felt this way. Technically ALL others love reading nice reviews.
Personally I love all reviews, even the low star reviews. 
Let me explain:
All reviews can be very helpful as long as they are constructive. An author gets a high from high rating reviews, which is obvious. However, if you leave a low star review and you explain why you are giving this review then this can be really helpful to the author. Such as you would have given it a higher rating but there were spelling and grammar mistakes then an author needs to know. Trust me I have had these reviews and I have wanted to kiss each and every person who put this in their review because it made me go back over and revise it. 
There are also the low star reviews where there are things the reader didn't like something about characters, or the research was lacking, etc. Let the author know because maybe the author may want to do something about this in the future.
There are also those reviews where people just don't like the book and no matter what you do they still wouldn't. I get that. The way I see it is that there are people who hate Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, etc. But there are people who love them. The world would be a very boring place if we all liked the same things, which is why there is such a diversity of books out there.
The reviews I don't like, and I am not the only one, are the ones that are just plain nasty. You know the ones I mean. You don't like a book? That is cool, but there is no need to bash the author and/or start cursing in your reviews. 
Sometimes I think that some readers forget that the authors are human and we all read reviews, even those who say they don't. Yes you don't know the author personally but there is an etiquette when it comes to leaving a review.
I have seen reviews that stated - this is a piece of crap. 
Okay and explanation would have been great to know why you thought that book was a piece of crap.
I have also seen ones where a reviewer said that the author should just quit writing. One even said that the author should just kill themselves to put everyone out of their misery. 
Tell what is the need for putting things like that?
Authors love their readers. I know I love mine, and this is why when we see a nice review it makes us so happy. It makes us realise that all our hard work is paying off.
Not only this, people do read reviews and can make a decision on buying a product based on a review. Yours could be that deciding review.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Kindle Unlimited Program

I have decided to go against what I have said previously and enroll one of my series into Kindle Select. It is a new series so I thought I would give it the 90 days trial to see how it works for me. Right now I am just trialing it, so all of my non kindle readers please do not fret. It may not work out.
I was talking to a friend on the bus today about how I have been toying with the idea. She, herself, reads my books via a kindle app and her opinion was for those without a kindle they could always download the kindle app to any device because it is free.
If I am honest I feel guilty. I have so many readers who own other forms of ereaders and I am always saying how I would never enroll in Kindle Select for the Kindle Unlimited Program because it alienates so many people. But... I feel as though I need to fully test my theory.
My readers are evenly spread out between different platforms. I have heard both good and bad things about the program. The way I am thinking is that this is the first book in the Alimanti series and if within these 90 days I am not happy with the program I can pull out of it in time for the release of the second book in the series.
If I decide it isn't for me then I know that when I complain about the program I have the knowledge that I have tried it.
In the UK the Kindle Unlimited program costs £7.99 a month and you can download as many books as you like that are in the program. I know so many readers are enrolling in this so I could at least try it.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Frozen in Time: Alimanti series

Frozen in Time
Alimanti series

I have a new release coming soon that I am both nervous and excited about. 
This will be my tenth solo published book and what is even more special is that this book is a the first book in a brand new series, so of course I am nervous about people are going to react to it.


you are aware, I am mainly known for my Erin the Fire Goddess series and that particular series came about because my eldest daughter had asked me to write a story because she was being bullied then one night I went to bed and dreamt up chapter 7, then it went from there. 
I have lots of writing projects but I always get pulled back to my EtFG series because the characters are so familiar and they call to me so frequently, but then my youngest daughter came to me and said 'Will you write a story for me too?' Of course I couldn't say no. All she asked was that I included lots of snow and huskies. The rest I could do with how I wished.
The problem was is that my EtFG series is named after my eldest daughter and in the book she has a sister named after my youngest, so I had the dilemma of what to name the book and/or what to name the main character. I wanted my youngest to know that this book is named after her and with her having an unusual name I asked around what they thought of me naming my main character after my daughter which is the exact same name as another character in another book. Because the problem I had is that I did not want people thinking that this book was a spin off series from EtFG, because it isn't, and I was assured that as long as people knew this then it wouldn't be a problem.
Originally when I started writing this book it was full of sadness of a young orphan girl. I had no intent of adding anything paranormal to the book at all, but that didn't go to plan. My eldest called out noooooo because she really wanted to read a non paranormal book, but sometimes.... okay a lot of the time... the characters dictate to you. 
As I was writing my daughters read along with me. After reading the first chapter my youngest daughter started crying. I mean she was a snot filled, blubbering mess. I ended up crying as I had to explain to her that none of it is true.
So eventually it started to pull itself all together and in the run up to completing this I wrote just over 40k words in one week. Seriously that is a record for me and if I can write like that every week then I could publish 1 or 2 books a month. Can you imagine that?
So the cover.... I originally wanted blues and purples. Something simple, but something that stood out. As I continued writing I thought that maybe I should use a model for the front cover, and as my youngest is too young I chose my eldest. The only problem is that every time I looked at the pictures I took of her all I saw was EtFG, and I wanted this to be complete separate. If I am thinking of it then of course so are my readers.
Then I went back to thinking that I want something simple with no model on the front. I couldn't figure out what, but by the time I had finished writing the book I realised that I had the title of the book and the title of the series the wrong way round. As soon as I altered these I knew exactly how I wanted the front cover to be, and with some help my vision became true. I love the finished result and I hope you do too. 
Here it is:

So you are probably wondering what this book is about and I tried to summarise it in a blurb the best way I could but blurbs are not my forte. So I hope that you like the sound of it.


At the age of 14, Kasey-Ray Thompson lost her mother to cervical cancer. Her father, the one person she needed to be there for her, was spiralling into the depths of depression. Just when she thought her life couldn’t get any worse, he died a year later.

Kasey-Ray's whole world has come crashing down around her leaving her an orphan. The only relative she knows is her gran who is in a care home with Alzheimer’s. Her hopes of staying in Scotland with her best friend Lauren and her family are quickly dashed when a woman from social services announces that she is going to stay with a grandfather she had never met. Even worse, he lives in a small town called Alimanti, thousands of miles away in another country.

Her grandfather’s cabin is in the middle of nowhere. They have no electricity, no internet, or any other modern technologies. As if that wasn't bad enough, her new school is almost two hours away.

Kasey-Ray has lots of questions and her grandfather is refusing to answer them. He has clocks everywhere that go off at the same time every day, 4:30am, and Kasey-Ray can’t figure out why. 

She sees a man in the woods who tells her that he shouldn’t have brought her here because they will take what is hers. What does he mean? 

Kasey-Ray needs answers before time runs out.

And that is it. I really hope you like the sound of this. Please feel free to share your thoughts :)

Friday, 6 March 2015

Defcon Darcy Release Tour


Fisher Stanton, Valley High School’s Nantucket wannabe, has a cheating girlfriend. When he hires Darcy Walker to chase her to a local club, in true Darcy fashion she stumbles upon a dead body. Thing is, this body has secrets...and Darcy’s mysterious friend, Jaws, and the reporter, Tito Westbrook, have a vested interest. Both enlist Darcy to find the person responsible who has eluded them for years, but Darcy doesn’t solve crimes for free anymore—especially where Jaws is concerned. Knowing Darcy’s Achilles heel, Jaws blackmails Darcy into working for him.
In a true test of wills, Darcy and Jaws battle head-to-head—Jaws needs Darcy to help him end a bitter grudge war; Darcy needs Jaws to divulge the mystery surrounding her mother’s death. Haunted by a past that shaped her present, Darcy will stop at nothing to get answers. Even if it means breaking the law and being disloyal to her new boyfriend, Dylan Taylor, in the process.
DEFCON DARCY gives Darcy’s demons a name and ties up loose ends that made Darcy into the verb that she is. What she thinks she knows as truth, isn’t. What she wishes wasn’t true…is.
The problem is, when your life goes DEFCON 1, not everyone lives to tell about it.

Defcon Darcy

Buy Links:


When you’re a verb, you don’t always plan your excursions; they just sort of happened. This was the first trip, I admit, that I had to plan. The time ticked at eight o’clock. Murphy and Marjorie had just pulled into the driveway from a trip to the library. To safeguard against getting busted, I clocked in with Murphy five minutes ago and told him I was with Dylan. I clocked in with Dylan and told him I was with Murphy. Wearing commando-black, my lucky hat, and Chuck’s, I quietly lifted my second story window and shimmied my way down the bare maple tree. Jogging to the entrance of BTCC, the air cut through me like a sharp knife on butter.
In the spirit of duplicity, the sky was two-faced tonight like the moon. The east was cloudy, the west a midnight blue with a blanket of stars. I jumped up and down as the chill settled into my muscles, and at fifteen minutes past eight, Vinnie’s pink VW Bug sputtered to a stop in front of the big buffalo sign I hid behind.
This was what I liked about the misfits—when you told them to masquerade as someone else or break into private property on the sly, there were no questions, only a “What time?”



My Review:

I can not honestly remember how I came across reading this series but I remember after reading the first book I needed to get it on paperback.
The whole series is so different from what I normally read but I have to say that this book is in a league of its own.
Darcy Walker is a character that I love. She acts without thinking and can get bored so easily. 
On the outside Darcy can come across as having a hard shell but on the inside is a scared and insecure girl. In this book we get to see this vulnerability really show.
There are so many questions answered in this book.
I cried - a lot - with this book. I cried because of what was going on, what Darcy was saying, when Dylan cried. Now let me tell you about Dylan. At the beginning of this entire series I was not his biggest fan. In fact he annoyed the heck out of me because I thought of him as a control freak but after reading this series..... wow. I wanted to give him a hug and tell him everything will be okay.I wanted to hug Darcy and tell her not to worry and that she is a brave girl.
Ivy I wanted to shake. Seriously the girl annoys me but this book made me pity her.
Jagger made me think ooooo scary.
Ben.... well Ben.... what a fantastic character.
This series is truly one of the best series I have read in my lifetime. The author seems to have poured her heart and soul into this book and after every book I always wonder how she could top the last. This book was no exception.
Honestly I am sitting here now, after reading it, and wondering what to do next. 
Darcy's world is truly a place you want to be part of. You can easily get lost in her world. 
Thank you A.J Lape for this fantastic series. I series that I don't want to end and a series I would love to see as a movie.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Eternal Illusion by K.S Haigwood & Ella Medler

Thanks for stopping in!

The highly anticipated return of everyone's favorite island is FINALLY available for print and eBook!


Are your bags packed? You can get your ticket back to the island for only $2.99 and stay as long as you like! This sale price will only last a limited time! Don't miss out!

Want a taste?

Chapter 1
Lost in thought, Abe ran a loving hand over Ariana's swelling belly, then grinned when she stirred from sleep and blinked lazily up at him. Wrapping his mind around that – not only had she been his wife for over three months, but was also carrying his child – was too much of a dream come true, one he never wanted to wake up from.
"Good afternoon, Mrs. Cambridge. It's fifteen after one."
Nuzzling closer to him, Ariana yawned and let her eyes drift shut. "Five more minutes."
He snickered against her hair and then kissed her forehead. "Take all the time you need, baby, but I have a feeling Becky and Janie will—"
Quick and persistent tapping on the chamber door cut off his words and had him rolling his eyes in irritation.
"—knock on the door soon," he finished through a clenched jaw, his mood swiftly turning sour at the lack of private time the island's residents allowed him to have with his wife. "I can kill them, you know. Nobody will find their bodies. I swear it. Did I ever tell you that I'm a shark whisperer?"
Ariana giggled as she pushed against his body, and when he tried to grab her, she threw a pillow in his face and scrambled out of bed.
He fell back to his own pillow, defeated. "We are going on vacation. No cell phones. No knocks on the door—unless it's room service—and, best of all, no distractions."
Laughing as she opened the door, Ariana greeted her friends with a hug and took the coffee Janie held out with a sigh and a gracious smile. "I love both of you so much."
Abe huffed as he glared at them. "You just saw them yesterday. And you don't need that caffeine; it's bad for the baby."
Ariana took a long sip and winced as the heat bit her tongue. "The only thing that's bad for the baby is my blood pressure going up when his or her father fusses over me too much."
Abe blanched, and started to throw back the comforter to go to her, but thought better of it once he caught sight of Becky and Janie looking at him. Unlike Ariana, he hadn't dressed after making love the night before.
He exhaled in relief as he studied the growing smirk on his wife's face. She was the only one who could, quite literally, drop him to his knees with only a few words. He kept waiting for the spell she had him under to wear off, but with each day that passed, he had only grown more mesmerized by her charm.
Abe raised an eyebrow. "Come here, devil woman."
"Abe," Becky said, laughing. "There's no time—er… take all the time you need, Your Highness," she said quickly, when his mouth flattened into a thin line and his teal eyes locked on her, daring her to say one… more… word.
He would burn that damn clinic to the ground before he would allow anyone to take even one more minute with her away from him. She already worked too many hours as it was. It had started out being only five, but then had swiftly moved up to six, then seven. He had drawn a line at eight, but, more times than not, Ariana stayed at the clinic up to ten hours, even against his wishes and constant phone calls.
He tore his piercing eyes away from Becky and they softened as he met Ariana's smile.
She set the cup down and crawled up on the mattress and into his awaiting arms. She stared into his eyes as her fingers brushed back the hair hanging over his ears, reminding him it was time for a trim. That would take all of fifteen minutes, so what would he do with the other four-hundred-sixty-five minutes she would be out of his sight?
He had some ass-chewing to do, that's what, and he was going to do that first.
"I'll be back before you know it, Abe," she said sweetly, almost convincingly, but he knew better; she'd been telling him that every day since she’d started working, and it had never, ever been true.
Even though he knew arguing would get him absolutely nowhere, he still pleaded his case. "Stay here," he whispered. "Take the day off. I could use a little healing myself." He grinned devilishly.
The only answer he got was a small smile and a long kiss. Abe wrapped his arms around her and pulled her across his body, rolling with her until she was lying on her back and he was looking down at her beautiful face.
He knew she wouldn't concede to his wishes today, but that wouldn't stop him from trying. He had faith that one day she would.
"Sunset, Ariana. Please. I have something I want to show you."
She laughed. "I just bet you do."
He tucked a strand of blond hair behind her ear and softly kissed her lips. Lingering a breath away, he spoke so only she could hear. "It's sort of important and special. It's been in the works for several years, but it's almost complete now. I didn't want to mention it until Roger said you could see it. He sent me a text last night, but you were too exhausted after work, so I didn't say anything. I don't think I can keep from telling you what it is until your next day off, so please don't overwork yourself today, and try to get out of there by eight." He paused for a moment. "And eat light for supper; I'm taking you out afterward."
Ariana's eyes narrowed to thin slits, but there was amusement in them that she couldn't hide behind her fake anger. "You know how much I hate surprises."
Abe knew she could have searched his thoughts in one instant, so he quickly rifled through his memory for the lyrics of Mary Had A Little Lamb, just in case. Mindreading was one witchy trait that could be both a blessing and a curse, but thankfully Ariana tried not to use it too often. For that, he was grateful. It was bad enough that he couldn’t keep his hands off his wife for more than five minutes. Keeping his thoughts off her would be downright impossible.
He kissed her quick and moved away, so she could get up and ready for work. The quicker she left, the quicker he could let out his aggression on someone who couldn't paralyze his vocal chords. "You'll like this one. I promise it won't embarrass you."
"Can we come?" Janie asked, the petite girl nearly jumping up and down at hearing about something new and exciting on the island.
Abe chuckled. "Yeah, you can come. Bring someone, if you like," he said, knowing that Janie had been spending quite a bit of time lately with Ryan from maintenance, and would more than likely want to bring him along. It was killing Lance to see her with the guy, but since he had been the one who let her go, there wasn't a whole hell of a lot he could do about it but mope.
"Who else is going?" Becky asked with a sneer.
Abe shrugged nonchalantly, but he knew she was inquiring whether Will, his brother, was going to be there, and possibly be with Katrista, the girl who had flown to the island on the back of a minion from Hell under the orders of Apollyon, the demon who damn near took Ariana away from him in more than one way.
Just thinking about that night made him want to wrap Ariana in the tight cocoon of his arms and never let her out of his sight, but that had been almost three months ago, and they hadn't seen or heard from the guy since his descent back into Hell. Gloria, their personal guardian angel, was checking in on a regular basis, but she hadn't sensed any evil hanging around the island, either. It was still a struggle to relax, but Abe knew how Ariana hated to be smothered, so he forced his worry from his features, for her.
"I'm not sure, Becky, but if you think I'm going to tell my brother he can't go just because you'll be there, then you don't know me very well." He ignored the hurt look in her eyes and slapped Ariana's butt when she crawled over him to get out of bed. He chuckled when she yelped.
After hearing the shower come on, he looked back to the two girls standing in the middle of his bedroom. "Would the two of you mind leaving? I'm about to go shower with my wife, and Ariana threw my boxers across the room last night."
He smiled as the two girls immediately avoided eye contact, their faces turning a bright shade of pink in embarrassment at being in the same room with their naked king.
"Go on. Ariana will call you when she's ready to leave. I can't promise you'll be on time for work, so you may want to leave without her." He stopped and huffed when they only stood there with sullen expressions. "What? She isn't yours; she's mine. Go!"
Tripping over their feet, both girls turned and ran for the door.
With a smile on his face, Abe threw back the cover and jogged to the bathroom. He could only see the top of Ariana's wet head, leaned back into the steamy shower spray, eyes closed as she basked in the warmth of the water. He tiptoed around the tiled wall that separated the shower from the rest of the bathroom, and had her in his arms before she even opened her eyes.
Ariana smiled as he touched his lips to hers, and Abe noticed that he couldn't fit his body flush to hers any longer, not with his young growing so rapidly within her womb.
He ran one hand over the soft skin of her belly and pulled her mouth to his with his other by the nape of her neck. A low moan escaped her mouth and he drank in the ecstasy like a wino who had just found a forgotten bottle of eighty-year-old wine in the cellar.
She gasped for air when he released her mouth to devour her neck and that little spot below her ear she loved for him to kiss.
"Abe," she panted. "I'm going to be late for work."
An approving growl rumbled from his chest as her hands slid down to his hips. "Damn right, you are. I told Becky and Janie to go on without you, that you would be there when you damn well got there."
She laughed against his mouth when he claimed ownership once again. "You are such a king."
Lowering his head to explore more of what she had to offer him, he looked from one tempting mound to the other, and finally decided to take the left rosy nub between his lips and softly massage the other with his hand. Decisions, decisions. It was a tough job being a man in love. He often thought he needed at least one extra mouth. Wondering vaguely whether Ariana might be able to witch it on his body, somewhere, he focused on the task in hand.
Ariana's lips parted, and he smiled when a rush of pleasurable sounds echoed off the walls of the bathroom.
With his other hand free, he ran his long fingers over the cheek of her ass, down the back of her thigh and pulled her right knee up to his hip. He wasn't worried about her getting off balance and falling. He had her. He had all of her.
His head jerked up and he crushed his mouth on hers just as he slid through the soft folds of her sex and into his most favorite place to be.
His jaw clamped shut and his hand shot out to brace them against the shower wall when her muscles tightened around his erection.
"Yeeees!" The cry escaped her throat and her nails clawed the skin on his back, but he pumped into her, keeping a steady rhythm and watching her expression as the orgasm threatened to rip through her body. "Abe…" she said, winded, and grabbed his biceps, squeezing the thick muscles and making him grin, "I—I need…"
"I know, baby. Just let it go." He jerked his hand from the wall, pulling her other leg up, and just like a pro, she hooked her ankles at the small of his back and took all of him. His knees damn near buckled.
Aiming to get his own release by the time Ariana's climax was over, Abe growled and quickened his strides. Her body quaked all around him. He was almost there. He was there.
"Take my vein," Ariana whispered.
Pulling a bit back from the rush, he blinked the water out of his eyes and looked down at her in confusion. Sure enough, her head was tilted to the side and her wet hair was moved away, baring her neck and that throbbing vein to him. He jerked his head away, trying to ignore the instant bloodlust and the anger that was quickly boiling up inside him.
"No," he said shortly.
"Abe, please. You need it. I want you to."
He stopped moving inside her and set her feet on the wet tile. Grabbing a towel from the hook on the wall, he threw it around his waist, tying it extra tight, so just maybe it would cut off the circulation in his erection and deflate the damn thing.
"Abe! Where are you going?"
"Not now, Ariana." He threw open the bathroom door and walked into the bedroom, and wasn't a bit surprised to hear she had followed.
"What did I do? I don't understand why you're acting this way. Talk to me, damn you!" she shouted when he only stood at his closet and shoved hanger after hanger to the right. Hell, he wasn't even sure what he was looking for.
He stopped and let his arm fall, but didn't turn around. "You know how I feel about using you as a meeker while you're pregnant. We've had this discussion before, Ariana. Hell, we've even fought about it a few times, but you don't seem to understand or maybe you just don't care; I don't know—"
"You think that I don't care about my child?" she said, and Abe turned around, the muscles in his jaw doing the same workout they did every time their conversation led to him feeding from her. "How can you even say that?" she snapped. "If I felt, in any way, that you taking the amount of blood from me that you need would hurt the baby, I wouldn't ask you to do it." She pointed to her chest, and fury burned throughout Abe's bones. "I know it won't hurt the baby—"
"But I don't!" he roared, causing her to flinch. He shook his head and reached into the closet, grabbing a random shirt and a pair of jeans. When he looked back at her, he was a little calmer, but not much. "I don't know what is good or what is bad for the baby, Ariana, but I can't imagine taking anything from you that the baby needs could ever be a good thing. I won't do it."
He ripped the towel away, and to his delight, either the terrycloth or his pissy mood had done the job, because Mr. Happy wasn't so happy anymore. Without wasting time going to the dresser for boxers, he just shoved one leg at a time in the jeans then buttoned and zipped the fly. After throwing the shirt over his head and pushing his arms through the armholes, Abe finally made his way to the dresser to grab socks.
"Abe," Ariana whispered, but he didn't look at her. He couldn't look at her when he was this mad, especially when it was her that he was mad at. "Abe, look at me. I have to go to work, and I don't want to leave you upset." He still didn't say anything.
Abe put his socks on and located his boots by the bar. Tying the sons of bitches wasn't going to happen with his hands shaking so badly, so he just shoved his feet in, grabbed his keys from the bar and headed for the door.
"Abe! Where are you going? The sun is out!"
"Go to work, Ariana. I'll see you later."
He jerked open the door, then slammed it shut behind him.

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