Friday, 29 June 2012

Yesterday I was kind of having a dilemma.
My books are teen fiction, and I was trying to decide whether or not to mention or insinuate sexual references, but after speaking to my husband I decided I will steer clear. Mainly because my eldest child is only 11 and she loves reading my work and eventually my 5 year old will read it and as a mother I wouldn't want my child reading  anything like that, until they of an appropriate age.
I know my eldest has read Twilight and there has been subtle references, but done in a way that is okay. So maybe in one of my later books I may subtly mention something but its hard to know how to write it.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

This is my very first blog. Up until today you could say I was a virgin blogger and today I've popped my cherry.
You will need to bare with me as I have no idea what I am suppose to do, but I am sure I will pick it up in no time :)
I am the author of the book series ' Erin the fire goddess' back in May my first book of the series 'the beginning' became available on the kindle and then a month later it became available on paperback.
What a brilliant feeling and the feedback I have received from those who have read my work has been amazing and I am truly touched for all the kind words and support.
Presently I am writing the second in the series, which is called 'betrayal'. I currently do not have an exact date for its release, but I will definitely keep you posted.
If you have not yet visited my facebook page for the book then please take yourself along and like it please :)

On Thursday the 19th July from 2pm to 3pm I will be giving an Author talk at my local library in Gorebridge. I am really nervous as this will be my first one. Luckily I will know most of the people there (if anyone comes lol)
My children's head teacher has also asked if I would be willing to give a talk to the school after the summer holidays. I suppose by then I maybe an old pro at it ;)
On Monday I have a photographer and reporter coming to my house to take pictures for an article they are doing about myself and my book. I am really excited but I hate having my picture taken, but needs must if I want to sell my book :)
Anyway I think this little blog will do for today. I will try and post regularly and hopefully have something more interesting to say next time :)

Thanks for reading.