Friday, 17 May 2013

Review for Guardian by Gillian Joy

I was surprised by how much I loved this book.
You have a young girl called Hannah who follows in her mothers and grandmothers footsteps as a Guardian.
A Guardian oversees all supernatural beings such as Vampires, werewolves, fairies,warlocks etc who are collectively known as Crudelitas. She has to make sure that they follow the law when it comes to not hurting humans or each other.
There is also a type of police force set up called Custas and it is their job to help Hannah.
As a young girl Hannah had a childhood friend called Gabriel and everything was going great until he kissed her. Then everything changed and Hannahs mum ended up being killed on the orders of a rogue vampire and Hannah felt every bit of her pain.
Hannah had to leave her hometown and leave Gabriel behind knowing that she would never see Gabriel or her mother again.
For the next 300 years Hannah rebelled and started killing every vampire she met. It wasnt until she met someone from her past that things started to change.
Who is this mystery vampire who killed her mother? What do the Custas have planned? and who has she met from her past?
For answers you will just have to read. It is most definitely a must read for everyone. So much so that i have put a sneak peek in my next book.
I can not wait to start reading Forever

Where to find Gillian

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Do you love to read?
Do you have an active account on Amazon?
Do you want to pay forward some Indie author love?
Then this is how you can do it --
Ask to join this closed group.
We will accept you. Were a bit crazy and we have a loon or two but we love them all the same.
Once in the group see the top pinned post. These are the books we are featuring. We need help on those books ASAP. Every Friday all the authors in the group gets to ask for reviews on their books above and beyond the featured authors…. thus you can fill up your Kindle for free. 
All we ask in turn is for you to leave a minimum of 21 words on Amazon telling other readers if you loved, liked or hated the book. That is it. From time to time we have giveaways, we always have a chat or 20 going and we share, like and love each other. 
If authors wish to join this is easy. Join but remember that we will expect you to pay it forward as well. If other authors review your book return the favor. If you really can't read all their books, then like their pages, share their giveaways and show us that you care about your Indie community and in turn we will show you how much we care for this community.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Erin the Fire Goddess: Torment cover reveal

Today I woke up to a lovely private message on Facebook; it contained my new book cover.
Well I thought I must share it with all of you.
Vin Hill is the guy who has created all of the book covers in my Erin the Fire Goddess series and he is such a talented guy. If you would like him to create any of yours then give me a shout and I will hook you up :)


Erin ran away from Sean's birthday party after she witnessed Sean and Louise kiss.
Her world has since been torn apart by the pain caused by Sean's Betrayal and the fire is not only burning on the outside but from within, threatening to strip her of her sanity.
Can Erin handle the Torment that Louise and Sean are inflicting on her?
Can she fight the burning from inside?

Follow Erin on her emotional roller-coaster as she begins to learn to control her fire powers and a friendship soon starts to blossom when Erin begins to learn self-defence.
Her appearance begins to change when she starts fighting with those around her.
Everyone, but Erin, believes that Sean is under some kind of spell and they will go to extreme lengths to prove it.

What will happen in this third installment?


For the first week, after that awful incident, I stayed at the cottage and cried. Just when I thought I was all cried out and my body couldn’t take any more fresh tears ripped through me, leaving me feeling drained; both emotionally and physically.
            The feeling of helplessness ripped through me as I would drift in and out of consciousness. Everything swirled around me in a blur. Only one thing I was sure of……………….the rain. It beat down heavily, not letting up in the slightest. It seemed to echo my sorrow. However, I knew the cause of the rain and this brought fresh waves of sadness, humiliation and anger. How dare he be sad!
            Towards the end of the week was when the fire inside me began to grow. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before. It started in my heart; the flames building with every pulsating beat. Then slowly it spread, causing me both pain and anguish. I would scream in horror as the feeling of being cooked from the inside out took hold of me.
            My parents looked on helplessly, unsure of what was happening or how to stop it. Dr Hammersmith arrived and concern was etched on his face as he watched me squirm in unprecedented torture.
            “Help me” I begged of him one day as he sat beside my bed “Please. Help me” The fire was burning my throat, making it difficult for me to talk.
            Often I would catch glimpses of my body as I tried to see any of the flames, but my skin remained untainted. To an outsider I just looked like someone with a slight fever. Oh how I wished that was true.
            “Here. Take this” Dr Hammersmith told me one morning as he burst into the cottage carrying a bottle of orange liquid.
            Not waiting for a response he lifted me up and placed the bottle to my lips as he urged me to drink.
            The liquid was thick and slimy and at first I was repulsed and tried to break away “You must drink” He urged as he tilted the bottle to my lips once more. I relented and drank deeply, finishing the whole bottle.
            At first nothing happened as my panic stricken eyes stared at Dr Hammersmith. But just as I was about to ask him what it was he had given me and why it wasn’t working, when something strange started to happen.
            “Oh” I gasped as the feeling of ice coursed through my veins, slowly dispersing the fire within and making it recede back to where it had come from as it slowly shrank and retracted back to my heart; where it faded with a fizzle and a hiss. Like the sound when someone throws water over a fire. “Wow” I leaned my head back down on my pillow and closed my eyes.
            Everywhere and everyone went quiet as everything seemed to wait with bated breath to see if the drink had worked and what were the effects. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of the rain that was lashing at the windows.
            “That’s it!” My mum, Kate, seethed. “I’ve had enough!” Anger ripped through her as she stood riveted to the floor near the doorway. “We have to make him stop” Her eyes closed, her head tilted up and her arms outstretched, with palms facing up, just as tiny sparks started to leave her fingertips. My dad, John, quickly followed suit. His eyes closed as his head tilted up. He then grabbed my mums hand as I watched in awe just as thunder and lightning ripped through the skies, just outside the cottage, making me jump. I had never seen them do this before and it was truly breath-taking.
            No sooner had it started then my mums mobile phone started to ring. Silently, Dr Hammersmith stood up and retrieved the phone from the night stand.
            “Hello Kelly” I could hear the panic in Kelly’s voice as she spoke, in what sounded like, at supersonic speed. “Alright dear. Yes, yes. It will stop” He nodded before saying goodbye and replacing the phone back down. “Time to stop” His voice soothed as he looked at my parents. “The rain will cease”
            I watched as my parents eyes slowly opened and their arms fell to their sides. They gave each other a triumphant smile just as someone knocked on the front door.
            “Can I come in?” I heard Scott call as he opened the door.

Release Date: TBA