Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Kindle Unlimited Program

I have decided to go against what I have said previously and enroll one of my series into Kindle Select. It is a new series so I thought I would give it the 90 days trial to see how it works for me. Right now I am just trialing it, so all of my non kindle readers please do not fret. It may not work out.
I was talking to a friend on the bus today about how I have been toying with the idea. She, herself, reads my books via a kindle app and her opinion was for those without a kindle they could always download the kindle app to any device because it is free.
If I am honest I feel guilty. I have so many readers who own other forms of ereaders and I am always saying how I would never enroll in Kindle Select for the Kindle Unlimited Program because it alienates so many people. But... I feel as though I need to fully test my theory.
My readers are evenly spread out between different platforms. I have heard both good and bad things about the program. The way I am thinking is that this is the first book in the Alimanti series and if within these 90 days I am not happy with the program I can pull out of it in time for the release of the second book in the series.
If I decide it isn't for me then I know that when I complain about the program I have the knowledge that I have tried it.
In the UK the Kindle Unlimited program costs £7.99 a month and you can download as many books as you like that are in the program. I know so many readers are enrolling in this so I could at least try it.