Sunday, 27 January 2013

Illumine by Alivia Anders

This book is definitely a must read for anyone who enjoys the supernatural world.

After nearly being killed in a demonic ritual, Essalie's life is turned upside down.
Soon Essalie discovers all is not what it seems, or rather everyone is not who they seem. Essalie should know, she has just found out that she is a Nephilim and she was made to become part of an army of war.

I definitely cannot wait to read book 2.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Echo: Species Intervention

This book was set in the not to far off future where a young boy called Scotty goes in search for fairies, only to find Echo, who is the offspring of baby (from book one)
The world as we know it has started to change. Muslims run the majority of the world. There has been a polio epidemic and poor Scotty was left with impetigo scars and problems with his eyes. His sister Abby also has problems with her kidney and her family cannot afford to buy her a new kidney.
Times are tough. Families receive no benefits and you need an appointment to even go to the emergency room.
Then there is Jose. His family were killed when he was just a little boy and he was sent to live in America with his new adopted family. Life was tough when he did not understand english.
One day his adopted family moved in with Scotty's family as money was tight.
As time goes on and they grow up, nothing is really mentioned of Echo until Scotty's mother dies in a car accident. This is when their lives are turned upside down.
This is definitely a must read. I strongly recommend this book to everyone!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Baby Species Intervention #6609

Originally I planned on giving this a 4 star as the explanation of baby and the womb hurt my head. But Once I continued to read on I easily overlooked that as I watched the life of Netty and her brutal rapes and how she ran away from her abusive husband to start over with her rightful inheritance. But nothing is plain sailing in life and this book shows that. Her husband Robert wanted her inheritance.
Along the way Netty discovered a creature from Oolahan who was called Baby. The love for each other grew and when Netty saw a drifter named Will she never expected to fall in love.
Unfortunately this was short lived as they were all brutally murdered, but in spirit they lived on seeking revenge on her husband Robert and all the men on his pay roll.
This book is definitely a must read for everyone and I cannot wait to read the second

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Author of the month

Yesterday my eldest daughter Erin came home from school and told me that I have been picked as Scottish author of the month alongside J.K. Rowling and Stuart Reid by her school. My first thought was hang on I am not Scottish lol. But my daughter told me that I live in Scotland and my Erin the Fire Goddess uses local place names. So all in all I am super happy :)

Dental cancellation charges

Living in the UK we get free healthcare but a lot of people still have to pay for dental treatment. Children and certain adults are exempt and get dental care for free. I am one of those people.
I attend regular appointments, but today my youngest daughter was off school as she is ill. Something that happens a lot (She is ill about once a month and back n forth to Drs and hospitals etc). So I decided to give my dentist a call to rearrange only to be told that I would incur a charge with it being short notice. I find this disgraceful. At least I called them to let them know. If I had just not bothered turning up then I would understand completely.
Sickness does NOT have a time frame. You do not get a telephone call or text message a week before saying 'You will ill on this date with this illness' It is absolutely shocking and something needs to be done about it!