Monday, 21 January 2013

Baby Species Intervention #6609

Originally I planned on giving this a 4 star as the explanation of baby and the womb hurt my head. But Once I continued to read on I easily overlooked that as I watched the life of Netty and her brutal rapes and how she ran away from her abusive husband to start over with her rightful inheritance. But nothing is plain sailing in life and this book shows that. Her husband Robert wanted her inheritance.
Along the way Netty discovered a creature from Oolahan who was called Baby. The love for each other grew and when Netty saw a drifter named Will she never expected to fall in love.
Unfortunately this was short lived as they were all brutally murdered, but in spirit they lived on seeking revenge on her husband Robert and all the men on his pay roll.
This book is definitely a must read for everyone and I cannot wait to read the second

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