Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Meeting at the High School

So today I had a meeting with the head teacher at my daughters high school to discuss Erin and also to discuss my blog.
Erin isn't actually feeling too great today so I said I would take her home, as a result Erin came along to the meeting with me. I am glad she did because Erin could give her opinions and when the head teacher mentioned a point the P.E had said she said, Erin was there to say 'She didn't say that.' So I was glad for that.
It was decided that it would be best all round if Erin does not take part in P.E except for swimming. He also suggested that I write a letter documenting all of Erin's conditions and medications etc. so they have up-to-date records. It was also mentioned that a meeting be arranged between myself and Erin's new guidance teacher. I have spoken to her once and sounds lovely but it would be nice to put a face to the voice and get a rapport like I had with her former guidance teacher.
Moving on to my original blog post. The head teacher is not happy about it, still. He has negative thoughts about the whole social media thing due to seeing what happens amongst children at the school who use it. Okay I want to put this out there, just so you all know, I am an educated adult who is wise/stupid enough to make my own decisions. If I want to make a blog I can and I will. I do not make blogs to spread b.s. My blog is for me to be me. It is a place for me to come to share my thoughts, opinions etc. Some people may not agree with everything I say, but that is their choice and I respect that. I write factual and heartfelt pieces of information. Some are personal and some are not.
Now the head teacher mentioned about what if hypothetically there was a sub teacher who did this. I replied with then there wouldn't have been a blog about the incident. I wrote the blog because firstly this has happened before. Now let me discuss that first incident. I mentioned how the head of P.E did not make an apology to Erin. He did however bend over backwards to try and accommodate Erin, even if he did brush it under the carpet. Now I don't know about you, but growing up I was taught that if there is an issue it isn't always best to brush it under the carpet. I felt back then that the Head of P.E thought Erin was lying and refused to listen to her. Now he could have approached her and said
 'I am sorry that I made you feel this way Erin. This is how I felt. Let's see what we can do to rectify this.'

But this wasn't done. I chose to ignore this even though, if I am honest, it pissed me off. How are we expected to teach our children to be mature and responsible when teachers can't show them how to act this way.
Now to move to the recent event, why did I choose to write the blog? Okay, so when this first happened I was told there were things in place to ensure this wouldn't happen again. I understand little slip ups happen. Along the way there have been incidents, such as teachers not giving Erin the work she missed etc. but that was quickly rectified. When incidents like this has happened I have always called the school and they got sorted. So why make a blog now? The teacher in question knows of Erin's conditions. She also knows of what happened last year. She has apparently been working at the school for 8 years. She has also approached Erin herself to ask if she could take part in certain sports. Erin has told what she can and can't do and if things she did take part in got too sore she would sit them out. So yes this teacher was well aware. She also asked Erin a few weeks earlier if she will be able to do Rugby. Erin has said no with it being a contact sport. Erin had also explained that she is in pain etc. Now Erin is in constant pain and she doesn't always voice these issues as she hates being a burden or getting into trouble, which leads us on to the fact that this teacher, who knew everything about Erin and what happened last year still wanted Erin to walk around the rugby pitch. It was mentioned, as a way to use it as an excuse, that Erin walks around to and from the classes - there are no lifts and she hates using aids (that's a different matter entirely) - and the fact Erin sometimes walks outside with her friends. Now we all know Erin has issues with people after what happened in primary school so the fact she has a friend she wants to make an effort, instead of sitting indoors. Yes she is in a lot of pain because of it. 
So basically I wrote my blog because it had happened again, and the teacher clearly knew all about Erin but chose not to act correctly. May be she was stressed with other pupils, may be it was pregnancy hormones, who knows. I do know that it shouldn't have happened. But me writing this blog has brought to my attention that Erin is not the only child. I spoke to one parent whose child had a broken foot or ankle and was told to walk around the pitch. That itself makes you wonder wtf?
My child's welfare will always come first. It will always come before the school and teachers reputation. If I am not the only parent who feels this way then may be the school should be looking at how they deal with matters.
I will also continue to blog and share my thoughts and opinions and if people do not like that then that is their issue not mine.
The head teacher said that there needs to be a good rapport between parents and the school. I agree. I have a fantastic rapport with my youngest primary school. But I will not be told to not blog about my feelings on issues that should not be happening

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  1. I'd be livid. They'd be lucky if a blog post and a phone call and meeting is all they got out of me. I can't imagine a school being so irresponsible and lacking of compassion and care for the well being of a child in their care. When we send our kids to school, we're entrusting these people with them, and they should do all they can to make sure they're doing the absolute best to make sure our kids are safe and cared for and not pushed to do something they medically and physically are not supposed to be doing. What a bunch of idiots. I'm sorry your daughter and you have to put up with them.
    When Destiny had a collapsed lung and missed so much school in April/May, after having already missed a ton due to pneumonia and bronchitis and strep and having surgery (she has horrible asthma and a really puny immune system because of it), they made sure she had the work she needed, made sure I knew her missed school wasn't going to cause her to fail, and we had teachers and the principal calling the house to check on her daily.