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Interview with Kat Yares


Today I am joined by the lovely Kat Yares. Here is a picture of the lady herself along with a bio:

Author Bio

Kat Yares has been writing fiction her entire adult life. She is an author, screenwriter, indie movie maker and amateur photographer. Her short fiction has appeared in numerous print publications and online. She was first accepted into the Horror Writers Association in 2001 and is a member today.
Her fiction is primarily in the horror/thriller genres. Unlike many, she writes horror not to gross out or startle her readers, but to make them think. Most of her stories are mind games and deal with mans (or woman's) inhumanity to man (or woman). 
Her novella, Vengeance Is Mine, while horror, still strikes a cord for many readers as they can see correlations between the story and what is happening in today’s political climate.

Her two novels, Beneath the Tor and The XIII, are both fantasy and thriller and as several readers have written to her, are bound to send her to Hades after she passes.
Visit her blog to find out more about her and the various Internet retail outlets where her books can be found.

Now for the all important interview 


Hi Kat thank you for accepting to be interviewed. As my blog says ‘ Complete randomness from a crazy author’ so expect the unexpected J

How long have you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve been a writer since I could first spell words on the page.  I think I was eleven when I wrote my first novel (long since lost, thankfully).  I first started writing for money when my kids were small.  To help pay the bills and stay at home, I wrote confession stories - little short stories that appeared in magazines such as True Love and True Confessions.  Luckily, my name was attached to those either.

I had my first horror story sale in 2001 and later that same year was qualified to join the Horror Writers Association.  I haven’t looked back since.  This last year, I self-published one novella and two novels and have had a short story collection out since 2009.  New novels are in the works.

That all sounds really exciting J
Have you come up against any hurdles along the way?

There are always hurdles.  Time and money always being the two largest.  Even today, with all the kids grown, things still find a way to sap both.

I hear ya. The only time I manage to get to write is at night time when everyone is in bed, but that does not always work out to plan.
What would you say is the most difficult thing about being a writer is?

Self-doubt.  Not believing that you are good enough, not believing that the story you want to tell will be interesting to someone else, not believing that you are worthy of the title ‘author’.

I am the exact same. If it was not for my eldest daughter and my friends pushing me I don’t think my first book would be published.
What or who inspires you to write?

Life.  Questions about what-if or why.  I love to try and answer these questions in my own warped and peculiar way.  Better half helps immensely as I can bounce ideas off of him to help flesh out the story at hand.

If  your books are a series, how many books do you plan to have in your series?

Although many consider Beneath the Tor and The XIII as part of a series, they really are not.  Both are standalone novels, which share a common theme.  One is pure fantasy, the other more of a thriller. My next book, The Profiler, may or may not be a series start. That will depend on how much story the main character, Andy Thomas, demands.   I’m actually not fond of series books, preferring to spend my limited reading time exploring new authors and their stories.

Do you have any other writing projects on the go, apart from your current series?

I’m always writing something.  Much never makes it past the ‘save on the hard drive’ part, but I’m always dabbling with story ideas.

Lol I am the exact same. My mind does feel better though once I had wrote down the outlines of my ideas. That way I can get back to my current project.
If you could be any of your characters who would it be and why?

Macie in Vengeance Is Mine.  That woman endured so much pain and hardship and yet still came out a strong lady and a trusting soul.

Sounds like a great lady!
What genre would you say your books are in?

I write in multiple genres from horror to fantasy to thrillers, often times crossing them in a single story.  Throw in a love story or two and you’ll still be unable to classify my stories.  Most of my short stores are pure horror though.

Do you have any favourite authors?

John Steinbeck is my favourite author of all time.  I can read his books over and over again.  Other favourites include Michael McDowell, Robert McCammon, Ray Bradbury and Stephen King.

As a Brit we have one burning question going around our country…………… Do you scrunch or fold? ;) (toilet paper)

Carefully folded, thank you.

What do you like to do besides writing?

Better half and I own a production company where we have turned a few of my short stories into short movies.  More are slated for this year as time and money allow.  I also love photography, although I do that only for fun.

That sounds really cool. I think every writer would love their books to be turned into a movie. My readers say they can see mine as a movie or tv series.
What is your favourite cheese?

All of them, except for the ones that stink.  Cheese is one of my favourite food groups.

Sweet or savoury?

Savoury.  I’m not a big fan of sweets, although I’ll get on a chocolate kick from time to time.

I am definitely a sweet person. I am a certified chocoholic J
Would you rather be attacked by one horse sized duck or 20 duck sized horses?

That depends, can I have a shotgun?  If not, probably the horse sized duck, because I think I could outrun it.

If you had one wish that I could wave a magic wand and grant you, what would it be and why?

Only one wish?  Well, then I’ll have to be selfish and wish for lifelong happiness for those I love.

I definitely don’t think that is a selfish wish J

Well that ends our interview. I would like to thank Kat for taking the time to answer my questions and I hope she had fun J

Let's take a look at all of Kat's book covers

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