Saturday, 23 March 2013

Birthday Giveaway

Well it is that time to share the rafflecopter :)

Are you all excited?

I know I am :)

There has been so many fabulous authors who have donated to this amazing giveaway.
You want to see what those prizes are right?

Erin the Fire Goddess: The Beginning by Lavinia Urban (Ebook)
Erin the Fire Goddess: Betrayal by Lavinia Urban (Ebook)
Urban Verse by Lavinia Urban (Ebook)
Eternal Island by K.S Haigwood (Ebook)
Hell's Gift by K.S Haigwood (Ebook)
Cursed by Georgina Hannan (PDF)
Copy of short stories by Matt Schiariti (Kindle)
Any one of the Sam Jenkins mysteries by Wayne Zurl (kindle copy)
A Broken Paradise Series: Chasing Fears by Ellie Williams (Ebook)
A Broken Paradise Series: The Alliance by Ellie Williams (Ebook)
3 different designs of pens from the ABP Series (Ellie Williams)
5 Bookmarks from the ABP Series (Ellie Williams)
The Midnight Hunter Trilogy by Bonnie Bernard (Ebook)
Granny Irene's Guide to the Afterlife - revenge by Ingrid Hall (Ebook)
The Dragon and the Faerie Roland Capalbo (Ebook)
'winners' choice of any one of my ebooks via Smashwords by Kat Yares
Wormwood by D.H Nevins (Ebook)
Horror Bent by Brian Bigelow (Ebook)
Macabre Moments by Brian Bigelow (Ebook)
Vigilante of Shadows by Miranda Stork (Ebook)
Strength of Will by Sessha Batto (Ebook)
(4 copies) Days with the Undead: Book One by Julianne Snow (from amazon)
Baby (Species intervention #6609) by J.K Accinni (Ebook)
Baby (Species Intervention #6609) by J.K Accinni (paperback - US & Canada only)
Echo (Species Intervention #6609) by J.K Accinni (Ebook)
Echo (Species Intervention #6609) by J.K Accinni (Paperback - US & Canada only)
Armageddon Cometh (Species Intervention #6609) by J.K Accinni (Ebook)
Hive (Species Intervention #6609) by J.K Accinni (Ebook)
The One (Species Intervention #6609) by J.K Accinni (Ebook - currently not released)
Forever Fae by L.P Dover (Ebook)
Betrayals of Spring by L.P Dover (Ebook)
In My Dreams by Cameo Renae (Ebook)
Hidden Wings by Cameo Renae (Ebook)
Ever Shade (Dark Faerie series) by Alexia Purdy (Ebook)
Ever Fire (Dark Faerie series) by Alexia Purdy (Ebook)
Ever Winter (Dark Faerie series) by Alexia Purdy (Ebook)
Death Angel by Cindy Sprigg (Unpublished manuscript)
Secrets of the Blood by Katie Mayo-Jackson (Ebook)
Zombified by Lyra Mcken (Ebook)
Long Road Full Speed Ahead by Emily Walker (Ebook)
Foundling Wizard (Apprentice to Master) by James Eggebeen (Ebook)
Wizard's Education (Apprentice to Master) by James Eggebeen (Ebook)
Wizard Pair (Apprentice to Master) by James Eggebeen (Ebook)
I Am Who I Am by Terri Callsen (Ebook)
The Bipolar Workshop by Terri Callsen (Ebook)
Shadow People by Jo Robinson (Ebook)
Suicide Note by Teresa Mummert (Ebook)
The Hand of God by Tim Miller (Ebook)
10 bookmarks of The Fine Line by Tracee Ford
10 Magnets of The Fine Line by Tracee Ford
iFeel by Marissa Carmel (Ebook)
Gravitational Pull by Marissa Carmel (Ebook) (release date 4th April)
2 copies of Grade A Stupid by AJ Lape (Ebook)
I Hope You Find Me (Find Me Series)by Trish Marie Dawson (Ebook)
Lost and Found (Find Me Series) by Trish Marie Dawson (Ebook)
Touching Smoke by Airicka Phoennix (Ebook)
Touching Eternity by Airicka Phoenix (Ebook)
Games of Fire by Airicka Phoenix (Ebook)
Breed of Love by Jason Ellis (Ebook)
Silenced by Raebeth McGee-Buda (2 Ebooks)
Blood & Light by Rue Volley (Ebook)
Witch's Tale by Rue Volley (Ebook)
Here by Ella James (Ebook)
Trust and Love by Jason Maurer (Ebook)
Lykaia by Sharon Van Orman (Ebook)
Breaking the Nexus by Lindsay Avalon (Ebook)
Burning Bridges by Nadege Richards (Ebook)
Deceiving Destiny by Nadege Richards (Ebook)
Immortal Prophecy by Samantha Adams and Kay Fry (Ebook)
Bookmark by Mari Arden
Talented by Sophie Davis (2 Ebooks)
Caged by Sophie Davis (2 Ebooks)
The Master of Whitehall by Rick Veal (Ebook)

 There is going to be one lucky winner. And guess what? There are still authors who are donating so the prize list is going to continue to grow :)

If you have not joined the facebook event already then please do so at the following:

Lavinia Urban Birthday GiveAway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! And Happy Early Birthday to you! I hope you have a fantastical day and that you get spoiled on your special day.