Saturday, 30 March 2013

Interview with Hunter S Jones

Hi everyone. Well it is the day before Easter and I am joined by the lovely Hunter S. Jones

Interview questions

Hi Hunter, thank you for accepting to be interviewed. As my blog says ‘ Complete randomness from a crazy author’ so expect the unexpected J

How long have you wanted to be a writer?

Too long.

Have you come up against any hurdles along the way?

This question could take years to answer completely.

What would you say is the most difficult thing about being a writer is?

Writing. The process of creating is excruciating for some of us.

What or who inspires you to write?

You never know where inspiration will come from…maybe something you see, something a person is wearing, the way the sun reflects from a window…our inspiration finds us. Don’t you think?

I completely agree J
Do you have any other writing projects on the go, apart from your current series?
Yes, I have a music blog at Expats Post. So that is always being  prepared for release.  There’s a couple of projects in the planning stages, but I can’t say anything about them yet.
Oooo you will have to keep me posted on those new projects J
If you could be any of your characters who would it be and why?
Either Victoria Bryant from Magic in Memphis, or Mrs. Jones for my vignette named Britain.
What genre would you say your books are in?
I call it explicit horror/occult, although Magic in Memphis is a romance, and Britain is erotic romance.
Do you have any favourite authors?

As a Brit we have one burning question going around our country…………… Do you scrunch or fold? ;) (toilet paper)

Sorry but I’m Southern, we just don’t talk about things openly the way the Brits do. We’re very reserved.

LOL as a Brit we get labelled the reserved ones lol.
What do you like to do besides writing?

Love this question! I love to shop, grab a bit of sushi and have a few drinks with friends. And travel. Travel is a passion for me.

What is your favourite cheese?

Gouda cheese.

Sweet or savoury?


Would you rather be attacked by one horse sized duck or 20 duck sized horses?

20 duck sized horses.

If you had one wish that I could wave a magic wand and grant you, what would it be and why?

To go to Palma de Mallorca or Barbados with the man of my dreams. Or, go to Barcelona by myself.

Cool I use to live in Palma as a little girl. My grandparents ran a resort out there J
Thank you so much for answering my questions J

Well thank you everyone for stopping by and checking out my latest blog. Don't forget to follow me and don't forget to check out my birthday giveaway 

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