Wednesday, 13 February 2013


As an indie author we want our work to be known. We don't have publishers who help us with all the promotional things we need. So a lot of us choose to offer a free read and review service. Where we offer people a copy of our books for free in exchange for a review.
Even though I am a writer I still love nothing more than picking up a book from a indie author and giving them my honest review.
Now I have had some great feedback which is great. I know not everyone likes the same type of books, but I would like to think that people who want to read my books are people who think 'wow I really like the sound of this' rather than saying 'hey there is a book up for free in exchange for a review'. In my opinion you should only offer accept a free read and review of a book if the book is something you would happily buy.
I for one would never decide to read a book if I thought the book was not for me.
I remember downloading the Species Intervention series. Now when I read the blurb I did think hmmmm, but there was something about it that I found intriguing, and I am glad I chose to read them as they are amazing. I have read the first 3 books in the series and love them. I cant wait to start reading the 4th.
Currently I am reading a book by K.S Haigwood called Hell's Gift, which is available to buy on the 15th February 2013. I read the first book in the series called Save my Soul and loved it, so I was very eager to read the second.
There are writers out there who actually do not read. But I live by the motto that Stephen King once said 'If a writer does not read then they do not have the right tools to write"
Sometimes though I find myself reading more than writing lol.
If I am reviewing a book and there are things in it I don't like or am confused by etc, before I leave a review I will always send the author a private message, just so I can discuss any issues I have with the book. I have rarely had to do that.
It may seem that I am writing but I just wanted to share my opinion :)

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