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Since publishing my first book I have become friends with a lot of wonderful people; both readers and authors. Now as you know I am not the world's greatest blogger. I am kind of a novice. But like they all say, practice makes perfect :) So my author friend Ellie Williams suggested we do author to author questions, to get us both use to blogging more frequently and hopefully get us both more followers. At first I was like eh? I thought she was talking in some foreign language, but then when I understood it I thought great and why don't we interview other authors too. It is not only great practice for me and Ellie to blog but it also helps promote fellow authors. So over the next couple of months I will be putting up interviews from my fellow authors. Today I am going to start with, my partner in crime, Ellie Williams.

Author Bio

Pen Name: Ellie Williams
(Born: Danni Williams)
16th October 1983 Cardiff/S.Wales.
Ellie is the youngest of four. Straight after high school Ellie and her family moved to the south to start a new life. Ellie planned to go to college that summer to study her first love ‘Performing Arts’ but ended up joined the cabin crew of Condor Ferries at port Weymouth / Dorset for a few years, then moved on to Clinton Cards during winter seasons while off the boats. She also joined JD Weatherspoons and later Peacocks LTD as a retail assistant. Ellie is the mother of a wonderful little boy, Alex.  Alex has CP (Cerebral Palsy) which as you can imagine is a full-time job in itself. But Ellie didn’t falter. From spring 2007, she decided to restart her writing, an escape from the harsh reality she lived when taking care of a sick child, Ellie didn't go out because of Alex health and his needs; she had become prisoners in her own home. So she found her escape in old school work she found inside a box in her attic one day, she found her old English Lit books and folders. It sparked an idea: A Broken Paradise. Ellie started it at school almost 12 years ago back then, it was an English lit paper for an exam. But of course back then it was just 100 pages long, yep!
Back then the first book was called "This Way to Paradise" (which is now book 3). This is where it all began, when one 100 page essay for English Lit turned into potentially a 6 book series. Who knew?
Ellie says “It would seem I started from the end and worked myself back to the beginning. This is true in many cases, except This Way to Paradise isn't the last and final book now, there are in fact two more after that even. So far I have written three books:  Chasing Fears/ The Alliance and This Way to Paradise, which leaves only Books Four & Five (possibly six) left to do?”

Interview questions 

Hi, thank you for accepting to be interviewed. As my blog says ‘ Complete randomness from a crazy author’ so expect the unexpected J

                 1.How long have you wanted to be a writer?

          All my life practically! But if you mean published?  I published my first EBook 24th 
          September 2012; which one Chasing Fears the first book to my ABP Series.

                 2.Have you come up against any hurdles along the way?
                      Very much so, but nothing is worth doing and being successful if it’s easy now is it! Haha! Yes 
                       it’s been a long struggle but I got here in the end. I’ve tried numerous publishing companies  
                      over the last four years and got a few rejections, but they were because of money issues and 
                      because at the time the topic of my book series was a little hard to swallow but I think it’s the 
                      right time for  it, finally the times have moved on.

                  3.What would you say is the most difficult thing about being a writer is?

         I would have to say the fact that you can’t turn off! If there is anything a writer can say it’s you 
         never get a break, your mind is always working, always searching, always going over  
        characters, scenes, potentials; it’s how ideas are conceived haha! I thought being a Mum was  
        going to give me lack of sleep but I was wrong! It’s being a writer!

                 4.What or who inspires you to write?

         When I was younger I just liked to tell stories, I liked to read and I loved to act out my stories.  
         As an adult I’d have to say my son, Alex is the one who inspired me to write again.

                5.I see your books are a series, how many books do you plan to have in your series?

      Originally there were 3 but now there are 5 with the potential of a 6th depending on how I end 
      the 5th haha!

         6.Do you have any other writing projects on the go, apart from your current series?

       Yes. I have several!
       I am working on a collaboration with Author Katie Mayo Jackson, an Erotic Paranormal, we 
       have a name but I’m not sure if she wants me to say so we’ll just leave it at that haha!
      I have a project with my mum that we started back when I was a teenager; it’s called ‘One Silly 
      Mistake’ a story of self-defence, a prison drama.
      I have a feel good YA drama of self-discovery of two girls who go backpacking in Europe 
      that’s called ‘The Things you do in backpacker land’.
      The Prequel to my A Broken Paradise Series will start next year in the Fall.
      I‘m trying my attempts at Erotic fiction with my Lascivious novellas, not sure how many I’m  
      going to do with that but we’ll see how that goes haha!
      There are many more but that’s the name a few

7.If you could be any of your characters who would it be and why?

They’re all pretty amazing characters in their own ways, but if I have to choose I’d have  to say Galina. She’s the sweetest there is, so kind and gentle, so understanding, she’s just perfect, perfect for a prophet lol She’s purely the one you’d want as your sister, your best friend, your everything, she’s simply cool as lol

8.What genre would you say your books are in?

      Fantasy Fiction, paranormal things like that.

 9.Do you have any favourite authors?
Shakespeare is one. Ever since my first ‘big book’ as my Nan called it haha! She bought me Macbeth and I was 5 ½ years old.Stephen King. My sister got me into Stephen King  books, I was around 9 or 10.H.G.Wells,J R Tolkien,J. K. Rowling…loads haha I have allot of others but it would be unfair and too long to name them all

10.As you are a fellow British author I do have one question the whole nation wants to know…………… Do you scrunch or fold? ;)

       PMSL Scrunch lol

 11.What do you like to do besides writing?

      All the performing sides of entertainment lol sing, dance you name it! Playstation lol yes I’m a  
      girl-gamer haha! Also like to read.

     12. What is your favourite cheese?


13.Sweet or savoury?


14.Would you rather be attacked by one horse sized duck or 20 duck sized horses?

     One horse sized Duck! BRING IT ON QUAKIE!!! :P BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

      15.If you had one wish that I could wave a magic wand and grant you, what would it be and      

That’s tricky! 
Tom Hiddleston lmao!! 
Totally have a major thing for him haha!  :P

Ellie's books

For more information on Ellie, then why not pop along to her blog : 

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