Monday, 25 February 2013

Hell's Gift review

The last week or two I took a break from writing to read my friend Kristie Haigwood's book Hell's gift. Wow, wow, wow! What an amazing sequel the Save My Soul! At the end of the first book Kendra had married her soul mate Adam and she was pregnant with their first child. So you are left thinking 'Great what a beautiful and perfect ending', well it was, kind of. It was such a happy ending for Rhyan, Kendra's guardian angel, who ended sinking into a depression. He truly loves Kendra and he cannot bring himself to be happy for her. He goes as far as cursing the family. Which results in Rhyan being sent to hell. His friends Malcolm and Josselyn try and help him by telling him that the only way he can get back is by finding his own soulmate and that way he wont be so damning of Kendra and Adam. So it is looking pretty easy.......All Rhyan has to do is find his soulmate and get out of hell and back to heaven.......Oh if only things were that simple. Rhyan's soulmate is Abbi and she is the Princess of gluttony. She was sent to hell when she killed herself and their unborn baby 300 years ago. She loves her role in hell and loves to dish out punishment to her minions. She is intrigued when Rhyan arrives on her syde of hell. They both have no idea who the other person is after their memories of each other were wiped all those years ago. Abbi sees Rhyan as some jumped up minion who is defying her. She plans to teach him a lesson and kills him. The problem is she cant stop thinking/dreaming about him. Lucifer catches her and punishes her in a severe way. Abbi is black and blue, inside and out, by the time she makes it back to her chambers where Rhyan is, and now back alive. It only takes moments for all the memories to flooding back to both of them. They remember each other. They want to be together, but Abbi needs to forgive herself for killing herself and their unborn baby. She doesnt think she can. She feels she deserves to be in hell. Lucifer appears and all hell breaks loose, so to speak. But Rhyan says he will take on any challenge Lucifer sets in order to win Abbi's soul back. Lucifer accepts and says if Rhyan can get through each syde of hell then he can get Abbi's soul back, if he does not then Rhyan will continue doing it for a life time and Lucifer will also gain Rhyan's pure soul. Whilst all this is going on Murry, Adam's guardian demon, is still set on retrieving Adams soul. Rhyan can't protect Kendra so Josselyn goes in his place. Murry has just been give the title of Prince of Wrath so is too busy and doesnt want to let Lucifer down by going to check on Adam and Kendra. So in steps Thoros, the Prince of Lust. He offers to go and check out Adam and Kendra and see who is watching over them whilst Rhyan is in hell. This is when he meets Josselyn. Thoros can have any woman he wants. He loves the attention and the power he has over women. But when he meets Josselyn there is something about her. He doesnt want anyone else. Josselyn on the other hand loves Rhyan. She wishes he would look at her the way he looks at Kendra, but he only sees her as a friend. Then she meets Thoros and she is instantly attracted to him. However she thinks it is because of his powers and these feelings are not real. Rhyan is doing well and is getting through the sydes. Though they are not an easy task. He even meets people along the way who become his friends. I wont give the ending away but at one point I was like noooooooooooo and tears were welling up. This book is definitely a must read. It is truly amazing and I want to read the story of Isaiah and Lameria, and of course Josselyn and Thoros. This is definitely a 5 star for me :) Kristie is definitely a brilliant writer. Why not check out my other blog for more information on her and her other books.

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thank you for such an amazing review. I'm happy you dropped into my world for a while and loved my characters.