Thursday, 13 September 2018

The Dating Game series


As a best-selling author Rita Davies has the world at her feet, but there is one thing missing.
All Rita wants is a man and she is determined to go to great lengths to find one. Even if that includes auctioning herself off at a charity fundraiser.

The only single one in her group, Rita is desperate for a plus one so she can Netflix and chill with because her tubs of ice cream just aren’t doing it for her no more.
Rita is quirky, flirty and, at times, downright dirty.
Follow Rita on her writing journey then decide which path she should take.

At the end of The Dating Game, you were given a choice.
Who should Rita choose? 
Caleb or Owen?
Follow Rita on her journey through both of these full length novels.
But remember... everything happens for a reason. What's meant to be will be

One more book to come. How will it end?


Sam McCormack is a bit of a lady’s man. With lots of charm and devilishly good looks, he believes it is his God given duty to give every woman one night in heaven. 
Many women have tried to tame the beast, that is Sam, but not realising that he gave his heart away a long time ago.
Follow Sam on his journey and see who finally brings him to his knees.


Logan is the strong silent type, who likes to keep his emotions to himself.
For years he tried to fit in the mould of what is considered ‘normal,’ but he is fast approaching a crossroads in his life and he has a decision to make.
Follow Logan on his journey where he battles with his own sexuality.
Can he accept who he truly is?
Will his friends and family still be there for him?


Chris is a Nerd, who loves everything that tests his brain. There is only one thing that baffles him… women.
Olivia spent years in an abusive relationship with James. She is scarred both physically and mentally. The only good thing to come out of their relationship is their son Jack. There is only one problem… James refuses to allow Olivia to live in peace and he will do anything to make her life hell, even if that means killing her.
Follow Chris and Olivia’s road to love. Can they survive all that life, and James, has to throw at them?

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