Saturday, 29 September 2018

Someone Like You


Maisie Mitchell isn’t great with people. This isn’t helped when a weirdo sits next to her on the bus. Ben Metcalf is that weirdo.
Ben has spent his entire adult life as a bit of a player. He never wanted to settle down. He never wanted any type of relationship, other than a one night stand. That is, until he sits next to Maisie on the bus and makes a fool out of himself.
Ben becomes obsessed, wanting to know more about this mystery woman. Whilst Maisie tries to avoid ever using public transport again.
Finally Ben tracks Maisie down, and his constant pestering leads to him somehow persuading Maisie to go on a date. The problem is, Ben's best friend also had a thing for Maisie. This leads to an attack that jeopardises Ben ever getting close to Maisie.
But who really is Maisie, and what secret is she hiding?
Ben wants Someone Like Her, but does Maisie want Someone Like Him?

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