Monday, 23 October 2017

Upcoming releases

In all the years I have been writing, I have never had a yearly writing plan. Then yesterday I saw someone had made a status saying how she had one created which included word counts etc. This got me thinking that maybe I should be creating one, not necessarily one that includes word counts though.
So I opened Excel and began writing out what I plan on writing and publishing before the end of 2018. I have to say that it looks really good but I definitely 'Eek' moment. But I must stay positive. 
2017 has been spent focusing on my health and my work has had to take a back seat so I am determined that 2018 will be a bumper of a year.
So you are now probably wondering what books I have planned. 
The first book I will release will be the third book in the Alimanti series. I am currently half way through writing this and I am hoping that I can get it done and possibly released before the end of this year.
Then I would like to release the next two books in The Dating Game series. I know so many of you are really waiting to see what happens with this.
After that I want to release the journal I have been keeping through my battle with cancer. So many people have asked me to turn it into a book as they would love to read it. I just want to wait awhile first.
After that I would like to work on the first main book in the Mystic Valley series.

Going by how many books that is I really should be writing now. I also should not sleep from now until the end of next year, lol. But I am positive. I can do this. I implore you guys to nag at me. Encourage me to just keep writing.

But I know that all I have to do is write a little every day. Give myself mini targets, like 500 words here and there. Let the positivity begin :) 

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