Thursday, 12 October 2017

October Frights Blog Hop Day 3


The word Clown comes from Low German, and originally described the peasant through uncomplimentary association with the soil that he tilled. ‘Clown’ meant ‘clod, clot, lump’, with more acerbic overtones of ‘clumsy, loutish, lumpish fellow’ and a female ‘hoyden or lusty bouncing girl’. A clown was someone with rude manners, undisciplined physicality, and an inability to control appetites or impulses.

Coulrophobia - is the extreme fear of clowns.

The most ancient "clowns" have been found in the Fifth dynasty of Egypt, around 2400 BC.

There is a Clown Motel in Nevada, which is next to a graveyard, that is currently for sale.

Would you stay there? And if you had the money, would you buy it?

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  1. I've never found clowns very scary, but I do like to play with them in my stories.

  2. Son interesting. I had no idea where the idea of a clown came from. They don't bother me. Actually Pennywise from Stephen King's IT is one of my favorite clowns :)