Sunday, 15 October 2017

October Frights Blog Hop Day 6 - Part 2

The Cottage (Excerpt)

Prequel to The Mystic Valley series

Lucas stood in the middle of the road, outside of the cottage, and pinched the bridge of his nose. For years he had imagined what it would be like to see Lydia again but all of them she had remembered him.
Being with her today had been hard. So many times he wanted to reach out and touch her. To feel her in his arms again and inhale her familiar scent. She had always smelled of freshly mowed grass mixed with a sea breeze. It was a smell that constantly lingered with him. All he ever needed to do was close his eyes and the aroma would engulf him.
Beside him Kim stood whistling as she looked around. She was desperate to talk to Lucas but she felt as though he needed few minutes.
Finally, Lucas dropped his hand and looked up at the sky.
“Does he know?” He sighed.
Kim paused from kicking the gravel she was kicking to try and feel Lucas’ mood.
“Yup.” She shrugged. Kim wasn’t one to lie and she knew Lucas didn’t want details.
Lucas nodded. “He’s probably watching right now.” He stated as he glanced at the trees.
“Probably.” Kim joined Lucas and looked at the trees. There was no probably about it. She knew that Cole was sitting watching. “Lucas…” She started to say but her words trailed off as Lucas took to the sky, transforming into a beautiful hawk.
Lucas flew straight home. He loved to fly. Out of all the animals he could transform into a hawk was his favourite. There was something about the feel of the wind beneath his wings. There were no words to describe it. He felt free. His mind was always full of Lydia and flying was a chance to clear his thoughts. Subconsciously he knew that he always took flight in a hope to see her. That one day she would walk into Mystic Valley.


Lydia is left reeling as she discovers that for the past eight years there has been a block on her memories.
Not only is she a shapeshifting witch but she is also a Gatekeeper to the Dark Realms.
Giving up the only life she knows Lydia travels back to her home town of Mystic Valley where things become heated when she meets her soulmate in her dreams.
Follow Lydia as she discovers who she really is as she tries to unlock all of her memories.

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