Sunday, 11 May 2014


Just thought I would pop in and say hi *waves hand enthusiastically*
I haven't been feeling too great lately. I have had a virus for the last two weeks and apparently this virus can last up to 3 to 4 weeks :(
Anyways I came online and something compelled me to update Pinterest. I don't get the website but I know people go on it and if anyone wants to explain the reason for it instead of putting up pretty pictures then please let me know. I just put pictures up of my latest books and swag for people, beyond that I am lost.
Then I decided to add a link on my blog for Pinterest, then I got carried away moving things about and adding a contact form - at the bottom. I also added the last two books in my EtFG series, and for the life of me I can not figure out why all the images are appearing at different sizes. Help anyone?
Then once I was done I took a wander over to Google plus, another site I rarely visit but it gets regular posts from me through other websites, which is kinda cool :D I also saw I have had nearly 65k visits, which made me go wow. I know there will be people with so much more. I still find it humbling that people pop by to visit my blog etc. All you guys are great and I thank you for your support.
Oh as well as a virus I have quit smoking too. It is still early days so everything is still touch and go. So there are times when I am screaming, but because of this virus I have been sleeping sporadically and my throat has been agony so I think of that as a small push into not smoking either. I have smoked for a very long time.
Another thing about being ill, I talk and talk and talk about...... errr random stuff. Ah see now that suits the title of my blog perfectly :p
I am struggling to even read let alone write so I am behind.
I hope everyone is keeping well and soon I will be back to writing. Sorry for the delay and thank you for stopping by <3

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