Monday, 15 February 2016

Foolproof (The Darcy Walker Series) by A.J. Lape

I want to start by saying that I am a huge fan of The Darcy Walker Series. The way A.J. Lape brings Darcy and her crazy world to life is truly spectacular.
Meeting the author is definitely on my bucket list. She is a talented writer with a heart of gold, whom I respect a lot.
Let me give you a quick run down on Darcy and her life.
Okay, Darcy is a teenage girl who lives with her dad and sister. Her mother died years early and Darcy has been left with a huge gaping hole in her heart. Darcy has a group of close friends, mainly all male and one being her (now) boyfriend Dylan *swoon*
Now Darcy isn't your normal teenage girl. She likes to have her own style and live by her own rules. Rules that tend to get her in trouble... all of the time. Darcy has a knack of being at the wrong place at the wrong time or rather Darcy would see it as the right place at the right time. Trouble always seems to find her.
I love Darcy. Her heart is pure and she cares deeply for her friends. Plus, she is frigging hilarious.
If you have not read this series yet then you are seriously missing out. The first book is called Grade A Stupid and is free to download, so now you have no excuses :p

Anyway let's discuss Foolproof. When this cover landed in my e-mail I squealed knowing that I am getting closer to reading this. Lape has not confirmed a date, as of yet, but she has said that it will be released in March.

Jon Bradshaw needs a girlfriend stat. When he convinces Darcy Walker to be his wingman at a speed-dating event, one debacle leads to another, and before you know it, they’re the proud new owners of a dead body. Problem is, the body has a tie to Darcy…making her a person of interest in the murder.
Things quickly jump from bad to worse when someone hijacks the name of Darcy’s alter ego, framing “Jester” in a Hitchcock-like blend of crimes that leaves her head spinning.
In FOOLPROOF, Darcy battles an adversary who tests her IQ while she navigates the daunting worries of a high school senior. Add on the emotional fallout of her latest caper, a cop breathing down her neck, and a hot but stubborn boyfriend, and she’s at her wit’s end. 
Can she find her zen and unmask the real murderer? Or get used to a life of prison orange?

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