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Absolution Blog Hop

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This is to celebrate the upcoming release of book 3 in the Cursed Trilogy, Absolution by Georgina Hannan!


“Do you have any famous people in your family?” Daisy asked, trying to draw more from this closed woman. Julie laughed, but it wasn’t a laugh of humour. It was a laugh of pity. “Why, of course, my dear. I am from a good family with a perfect background, so of course, we have famous ancestors.” Daisy once again didn’t know how to react. She was sure the woman was belittling her, but she didn’t have the experience to handle it. How dare she assume I’m not from a good family? “Oh well how peachy for you. I’m glad I’ve never had to deal with the pressure. I have been fortunate enough to live my life the way I want to.” Daisy tried to sound sophisticated that statement, and the corners of Julie’s mouth curled up ever so slightly. “There is nothing wrong with a little pressure, child,” she replied, reverting to calling Daisy a child. “Would you care to enlighten me about this famous person?” Daisy said, continuing to use the same language as Julie. She wanted to prove she was just as important as she was. How is that true? I'm in her house interviewing her; of course I'm not as important as her! Julie began wittering on about a duke in her family who had freed their county of poor people. The more she spoke, the more Daisy wanted to punch her in the face, scream at her, and tell her how unfair her family was and how much destruction they caused. Daisy replied only when she had to and with small noncommittal comments. It was clear to Daisy that Julie thought a lot of her family, however she had no idea the ramifications her family had on so many lives. There was only so much she could listen to before she knew she had to end the conversation and leave before she said something she might have regretted. “That’s fantastic. Anyway I must be going, lots to write up here. May I visit again for a tour and maybe see your family tree?” Julie just nodded and waved at the maid that was waiting by the door. "Show her out," she said and returned to her writing. Once Daisy was back at the hotel, she collapsed on the bed with a sigh. "Why did you ever want to be a part of that horrid family?" Daisy said to Mary, who was watching from the corner. She didn’t react.


Tyler sat on his bed alone, desperately trying to call Daisy. It was ringing, but she wasn’t answering. Please talk to me Daisy, I'm sorry x Love you, T xxx That’s it. I’ve blown it. I’ve lost her. I'm alone again, he thought as he threw his phone down onto the bed in frustration. Just then, there was a knock on the front door. He opened the door and didn’t have time to think or react. Misty pushed him against the wall in the most passionate kiss she could muster. Once his brain had grasped the situation, he pushed her away. “What the hell?” he said as he struggled to pull himself together. He’d be stupid not to admit to himself how beautiful she looked. She was tall and slender, and her red hair was in ringlets around her shoulders. She looked flawless. “I’m fed up of playing games. I know you want me,” she replied as her lips pulled up in a seductive smile. Tyler shook his head. He did want her—she was undeniably sexy—but he was in love with Daisy. “Misty I’ve been leading you on. I know that now. I was craving the attention.” She smiled and closed the gap between them, placing her hands on his chest. His back was against the wall. He had nowhere to go. He was struggling to keep his composure. 


Daisy was pushed to the limits and finally agreed to end the curse surrounding her family. However, her agreement forces her to face some of the hardest choices of her life, and she stands to lose more than just her sanity. Can she handle the choices? Can she end the curse without ruining someone's life---or her own? 


Absolution by Georgina Hannan 

Absolution by Georgina Hannan

Release Date: MONDAY 16TH JUNE 2014

Cursed Trilogy is available on Paperback & eBook at many stores including;
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  • Smashwords
  • Waterstones
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Nook
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