Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hi all

I wanted to write a blog because I haven't in so long so I wanted to say hi and have a catch up on what I have been up to..... no much lol (j/k)

Firstly I want to say that my beautiful daughter, Erin, who my Erin the Fire Goddess series is named after, published her first book. She is only 12 years old - How cool is that? Here is a picture of Erin:

So I thought I would tell you a little about her book. It is called 'My World, My Words' and it is mainly poetry and one short story. The reviews have been amazing - You must check them out.

I am truly proud of my daughter, and I really hope that you could all support her and get yourself a copy. Please try and leave a review :)

For several months Erin has had problems with her foot. At first we were not sure what the problem was. She is in constant pain and tends to walk on the side of her foot. 
After X-rays, MRI scans, Ink trace scan, we finally we go and see a consultant at the Rheumatology department where we were told that Erin has something called Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritus (JIA). 
Then the people in the room started talking about medication she was going to need etc. Erin totally freaked out because they said she would need regular blood tests and injections. She absolutely hates needles. Then they started talking about the medication they use to treat this. It is called Methotrexate. Luckily they have said that Erin can take this in tablet form until she gets use to needles, through having regular blood tests.
It's been a month now since the diagnosis. Erin gets nauseous from her Methotrexate and tired from her pain meds, but we know that this will help her. Also her school have helped by letting her do permanent swimming for P.E, which is great because she loves swimming. Any other sports, which she hates, she lasts five minutes and has to sit down. 
Erin is the same person she has always been - A bit cheeky and thinks she knows everything lol. But we wouldn't have her anyway. She loves reading and writing. Hopefully she will continue and publish more books. 
Not everyone can say they published at a book at the age of 12. I know I cant but I certainly did try - This is exactly why I encouraged Erin and helped her publish her book. When I was that age it was so hard to publish a your work. I use to get letter after letter saying 'We do not accept unsolicited documents' which is quite disheartening for a young girl and for almost two decades I gave up my dream of becoming a writer. It was actually Erin who encouraged me to start writing again when she asked me to write another story about her, after a wrote a short story for her school about how bullying is bad and you should stay in school and learn.  Then one day I had a dream about a young girl being bullied et voila, Erin the Fire Goddess was born.
Now I have my youngest daughter, Kasey-ray, asking me to write a story named after her. Having a character named after her in the EtFG series isn't good enough lol. Well the other day I dreamt of the perfect story for her and next year I will start writing it. So watch this space. 
It was actually Kasey-ray's 7th birthday on Monday 2nd December. She told me it was the best birthday ever. Here is a picture of her:

As you can see, I am truly blessed to have such beautiful children who inspire me every day. I love them so much :)

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  1. Your daughters are just pericous. I am so sorry to hear this about Erin, she is so young to have to go through all this. But I know she is strong and she will not let this get her down. I hope she keeps up with her writing. I have not had a chance to get her book but I am going to get it soon. And I might even hold a giveaway for her book. :D Let's get her work out there for others to read.