Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Back to blogging


I am so sorry I havent blogged for awhile. I was firstly busy trying to get Jo's Story: An Erin the Fire Goddess novella complete. Which I have to say is now finished and away to the editor. It is book 3.5 in the series and needs to be read after Torment otherwise it will give the game away ;)

Jo's story will tell all about who she is and how she came to work for Dr Hammersmith. 

I have to say that Jo is definitely one of my favourite characters.

I have not written a synopsis yet. Oh how I hate writing them. But needs must and all that. And then there is the cover to do. I will be creating my own cover for Jo's Story and hopefully using my friends daughter as the cover model.

I will keep you all posted on the release date for that.

I know so many of you were almost screaming with how I finished Torment and I know you all want book four as in yesterday but I am still only on chapter 1 of writing it. I am hoping Jo's story tides you over though :)

So last week I was without internet. I felt so lost, as if someone had come and cut my arms off. Well yesterday I got it back on and yippee I am back to blogging :)

Over the next month I will be blogging about not only authors but lots of different people, such as readers, who after all where would us authors be without them? Then there will be bloggers, who are so much better at it than me and who help promote lots of authors. Then there will be people who would in crafts, some make book related products and some not. 

All of these people are on my friends list and they have all been supportive of me and I want to give back and get everyone to show them some love as well.

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